Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Growing Up

So, it's been seems that it always is. With three energetic kids in the house this Summer, it's hard to get a chance to sit down, let alone write anything even remotely coherent. We have been coated in lots of sand and sun, and just soaking up the laid back living that Summer should allow. R and B seem to be getting closer to swimming, both of them have come a long way in their comfort level with the water. No lessons, just the old school method of an arms reach mama, and lots of determination. For the most part we haven't had any daily schedule and it has been great!

I have imagined Summer 2012 in my mind for awhile. My babies are all Summer babies, every year when the grass turns green, the flowers come out, and the breezes become warm I have fond memories of my itty bitty babies. This Summer they will turn six, four, and two. They're not really babies anymore.

This past weekend we kicked off the first of these three birthdays, with a garden themed party for Miss R. She invited some of her school friends, and we planted flowers, ate cake, and had a great time playing, screaming, and running around.

There was no sewing for this event...again with the three energetic kids thing...I just haven't had a chance. What I did get a chance for, with some help from Nanny, and of course Pinterest was a yummy homemade birthday cake, and some handmade decorations...the important things, I guess.

The birthday cake was chocolate with buttercream frosting, at the birthday girls request.

We fashioned some tissue paper pompoms that have now become a fantastic addition to the girls bedroom!

As well as a paper banner to add a little bit of fancy to the livingroom.

The guests left with their flowers and a little treat.

It was a great event, and now that it's over, it's on to planning next months birthday bash for Mr. B. Summer birthdays are great. It was a fantastic time to be pregnant, in flip flops and breezy skirts...a fantastic time for newborns, with babywearing evenings in warm breezes...and a fantastic time to celebrate the passing of another year, in the sun with lots of friends

Let the rest of these beautiful days pass slowly...until next time...