Tuesday, 5 June 2012

time flys

the weeks have a way of getting away from me. It always seems as if they're just starting and in a flash they're over again. For the last weekend in May we made a visit to Hatfield Farm to celebrate R's besties 6th birthday. It was a gorgeous day, and the kids had a fantastic time. Of course, in the flurry of getting there, getting everyone dosed in sunscreen, and making sure we weren't forgetting the birthday girls gift...we forgot the camera! If we would have remembered it, you would be seeing pics of our happy kids running around in the dirt, and our smallest member doing the thing she does with any and all animals. She would have made a great country kid, that girl. Crouched to the ground, snuggled up to a little black and white goat, who maaaa'd at any attempt she made to check out the other animals. Knowing, she would run back by it's side, and give it lots of love, no hesitation.

The night before the event I of course spent the evening, you guessed it, sewing. Trying to fashion a quick skirt for the birthday girl and repurpose an outgrown dress into a skirt, for my own big girl. I have complete respect for anyone who can burn the midnight oil fashioning creative and inspriring things. I, on the other hand, feel like melting into the couch anytime after 10pm...that's my limit. I surpassed this limit and things got chaotic, there was a small sewing mishap, but in the end it turned out pretty well.

For the Birthday Girl

For my Big Girl

After our trip to the farm, we also celebrated the first birthday of a very special guy in our life. Our puppy, Roscoe, turned 1. It's hard to believe that this sweet little guy...

Baby Roscoe

Baby Roscoe and Grae

has turned into this sweet big guy...we love him lots and hope he enjoys many more years with us.

Roscoe's Doggie Ice Cream


  1. Very cute skirts! And your pup is adorable!

  2. Really enjoyed this one.I would however had liked to seen Grea snuggled up to the baby goat:-)The skirts are beautiful,you are doing beautiful things with fabric.Happy Birthday Rosco.