Wednesday, 4 April 2012

it seams mama sews

So this is where it all starts. My new machine. A gift from my own mama, and this is my gift to her. A document of all the things I create on it, and all the happenings that take place while I do. This is not a place where the unnecessaries often get done, it's almost Easter and I believe that there is still an orange ghost on my refrigerator, lately we're that kind of place, and that's okay. We're busy.

This is my arch nemesis. This sweet contraption and I have never faired very well, I'm pretty sure that I haven't touched it in many, many years. I'm a toss it in the dryer, or toss it on and hope the wrinkles fall out, kind of gal. Given all it seems to add to any sewing creation, I think we'll manage to work things out.

So I started here, simple, kind of retro fabric that I picked out for baby g.

With a few stops along the way, and a few giggles...

We ended up here, thanks to this blog and a little inspiration from my aforementioned mama.

Kind of cute, right???

And suddenly, it seams mama sews...stay tuned for more...

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