Monday, 9 April 2012

the season for skirts (hopefully)

So this weekend we celebrated Easter, in a small, at home kind of way, but fun nonetheless. The kids hit the sugar stash with reckless abandon, and the resulting disaster that accompanied the late afternoon sugar burnout coupled with new hula hoops, broke an all time family fun record. Here's a little look at our weekend.

                                                           B the Superbunny

                                                           My Peeps!!!

Somehow in the middle of all of this I was able to turnout two little skirts for the girls, with a little help from this tutorial. They turned out great, and R and G were equally thrilled to be wearing their new mama creations.

                                                             Always Eclectic

                                                              Working on it

Next in line for a mama creation is this big guy, happy to be in his new superhero t-shirt, but I still need to find some boy sewing inspiration...

It's the sugar I tell you, the sugar....

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  1. Cute skirts and of course darling childre:-)