Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Lately I've been working on a few things, in the kitchen, at the sewing machine, and at the computer. We recently decided to sign up for a weekly CSA box from a lovely farm called Taproot. What we have been receiving in our weekly food box has been great. It is definitly expanding our knowledge of eating seasonally and locally, and I have spent a few nights tucked on the couch with Jamie Oliver, as well as various other cooking favorites...so that's been great!

"My Help"

This week we received both cranberries and rhubarb...yummm. I found a recipe for cranberry rhubarb muffins here , and with a few minor tweaks, they turned out fantastically well. The kids are still trying to come around to rhubarb, obviously the rip it out of the ground and eat it gene that I carry was not passed along to them. They do however enjoy our endless supply of apples.

The sewing machine endeavours have been equally successful and resulted in two new skirts for the girls. The first is a three tier creation for miss G...it turned out really well in my opinion, and G seems to think so too.

"Polka Mushrooms"

The next is a single tier, big girl skirt, for R. The fabric is one of my current favorites, it just shouts Springtime, Joy Green and White Doves by Michael Miller. It was originally supposed to be a two tier skirt, but measuring, oh how I loathe you...and the second tier was transformed into a handamde bias tape, that I will certainly be using again. Sometimes "mistakes" result in better plans taking shape. That seems to hold true time and time again. I'm contemplating making a mama skirt from this as well, but we shall see...


Lastly, a project that has been in the works for awhile and has resulted in too much evening time spent at the computer by both myself and my husband is this...

I will be appearing at the East Coast Momma Collective in December, which I am very excited about. I'm working on developing a few lines, for girls, boys, and their mommas, for this fantastic event. Stay tuned for more :) .....


  1. love the logo! and the skirts, of course.

  2. Great Julia but you should think about a book.Love the skirts and the very cute faces.